Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I access Epicardio Simulation™?

You will have been sent an email with a URL link.

Alternatively go to the Epicardio product access web-page:

Q2. Which web browser can I use to access Epicardio Simulation™?

Recommended web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera. Please always use the latest available version of your preferred web browser. The web browser must be enabled with WebGL (default). No plug-in installation is required.

Q3. I am trying to access Epicardio Simulation™ but my web browser will not allow me

The old Internet Explorer (IE) web browser is currently being phased out of Windows and it is replaced by Edge. If you encounter any technical problems with your web browser please contact:

Q4. Which Operating System do I need to access Epicardio Simulation™?

Apple MacOS 10.4+, iOS 10.0+, Microsoft® Windows 7+

Q5. Why can’t I access Epicardio on my mobile device browser?

Some tablet and mobile device web browsers are not enabled with WebGL.
Epicardio Simulation™ has now released “Atrial Fibrillation”, “Temporary Cardiac Pacing” and “Epicardio Heart Simulator” apps for tablets available on App Store and Google Play

Q6. What is the minimum required computer specification?

You will experience better performance with

Processor speed: 2.0GHz +

System Memory: 2GB +

Graphics Environment: OpenGL2+ for MacOS, DirectX9+ for Windows

Broadband internet connection

Q7. My login/password does not work

Your login may have expired or been blocked. Please contact

Q8. Why I cannot access Epicardio Simulation™ after “I Accept” the EULA?

Please set your system firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections (default).

Q9. What happens after I submit my order?

You will receive an email at the email address you provided with your order. In that email you will receive an online Paypal invoice where you can pay using any credit card. After completion of the payment process you will receive an email with product access details. Each time you access Epicardio Simulation™ you must accept the Epicardio End User Licence Agreement.

Q10. Which payment options do I have?

If you ordered through the Epicardio website, you can pay using any major credit card. Alternatively you may communicate with and request to pay by bank transfer.

Q11. How will my subscription work?

Annual licences are typically sold per user to use on any applicable device. Access is granted via a login screen over a web browser or through the downloaded standalone version. A subscription entitles the user to free updates for any additional content or functionality attributable to that product. Access to the latest version will be granted automatically upon login.

Q12. What licence types are available?

Single-user licences are assigned to one person, on one computer, for one year. Access is provided via a login/password.

Multi-user licences reflect sales to a single purchase of several single-user licences. Access is provided via a list of login/passwords, each assigned to one person, on one computer, for one year. Multi-user licences are only applicable within each particular site and must not span multiple hospitals or medical schools.

Campus-wide / IP address licences are installed for entire sites (hospital or university campus or corporate site). Anyone within the campus IP address can access the product without login/password.

All paid licences come with free updates, maintenance and support.

Q13. Who is Epicardio?

Epicardio is an independent privately owned limited company based in London UK. The company is focused on developing innovative medical technology incorporating the fields of Cardiology, Education, Simulation and Modelling. Epicardio enjoys Research and Development support from the UK Government. Epicardio has partnered with various global entities to act as re-sale partners and distributors. We sell globally.

UK Company Registration: 7585521  UK VAT No: 888190278

UK Registered Office Address: 1 Union Court, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1AA, UK

USA FEIN: 98-1372593

USA Minnesota Company Registration: 1034269200025

USA Minnesota Registered Office Address: 1010 Dale Street North, Saint Paul, MN 55117 USA

Q14. What is Epicardio’s relationship with Schiller?

Epicardio is an independent UK registered limited company, separate from the Schiller AG Group. Epicardio has agreed to act as Schiller AG’s educational partner. Epicardio services Schiller AG’s customers’ requirements for effective Cardiology training.

Please read more here: Schiller-Epicardio Press Release

Q15. What other products, versions are available?

Epicardio Simulation™ – ECG – released 2018

Epicardio Simulation™ – Pacing – released 2019

Epicardio Simulation™ – Cardiac EP – released 2020

Epicardio Simulation™ – WebGL version – released 2018

“Atrial Fibrillation” – app for iOS and Android – released 2020

“Temporary Cardiac Pacing” – app for iOS and Android – released 2020

“Epicardio Heart Simulator” – app for iOS and Android – released 2021

Further cardiac pathologies, patient ECG cases and product improvements are being added regularly

Q16. How do I know Epicardio works?

An independent validation study was published in the Journal of Electrocardiology, authored by representatives of the Hull Royal Infirmary, UK and the Department of Cardiovascular Science, University of Sheffield, UK. The independent peer-reviewed study demonstrated the equivalence of Epicardio Simulation™ as a teaching tool for electrocardiogram interpretation when compared to traditional methods such as a lecture.

“There were no differences in mean ECG interpretation test scores immediately after or 3 months after teaching in the lecture or simulator (Epicardio) groups.”

Q17. What should I use Epicardio for?

Epicardio Simulation™ offers a revolutionary way to learn Cardiac Electrophysiology and Electrocardiography, starting from the basic functions of the heart through to the interactive modelling of multiple pathologies. Training modules take a user through the full requirements of the Cardiology elements of a medical degree, and beyond. Users include hospitals, medical schools, individual practitioners, students, pharmaceutical companies and cardiovascular device manufacturers. In-built tests assess ECG/EKG pathology interpretation. Although it is commonly used for reference, it should not be used a diagnostic tool.

Q18. How do I take a screen snapshot from Epicardio Simulation™?

In MacOS

Use Preview -> File -> Take Screen Shot -> From Window


1. Press ⌘ + Shift + 4

2. Press the Space bar

3. Move the camera pointer over the window

4. Click your mouse or tap on your trackpad

5. Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop

In Windows

1. Press “Windows Logo + PrntScrn” OR “Fn + Windows Logo + PrntScrn”

2. Find the screenshot as a .png file in your Screenshots folder, in your Pictures folder